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Oct 6, 2012 7:00am EDT
states in 1997 but the federal government, mandated by federal law, we already had two early decisions from district courts involving private plaintiffs or for profit plaintiffs and the issue to address the merits, there were procedural issues because of ongoing regulatory process that might create a sort of interim step in terms of going up and down the court but that actually is going to get resolved between now and august 1st, 2013. the administrative process will be done and the courts will invariably go straight and you will get merit decisions uniformly by the end of next year. >> those that depend on what the administration does and who wins? >> not really. what the administration has put into play is a piece of the problem. and also the constraints they put upon themselves in addressing that limited issue indicates that there is not going to be much if any relief in the offing for people who sued. basically reading of the writing on the wall or the federal register. there is some accommodation that doesn't include relieving the burden and they go into court right away. >> we ha
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am EDT
. we hope it is sustainable without fun national or government funding. >> the concept is the leverage of great ideas that are out there. the reason it is relatively inexpensive is incorrect to some degree but it is relatively inexpensive because it is about setting up a system of rules. the real innovation is not about knowing what an answer is but a system where the right answer can emerge. about creating a system where great ideas and entrepreneurs can come together and say let's jump on this platform and find out what works and communicate that to the public at large. when you look at health the innovations systems it is not about knowing what the right answers are. it is about creating a system which draws on the immense creativity of different expertise and needs expertise and perspective which will be right and some will be wrong. all out there. we have so much of that in school systems already. how do we engage that and let it come so everyone benefits? hopefully it leverages somewhat already. >> would you be willing to pay? don't know what the fee would be. >> $1. [la
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2